The Miner UI is an embeddable plugin that renders a visual interface for mining. It gives the user the power to start/stop the miner and control the mining speed.

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How to use it

All you need to do is place the following snippet in your Website's HTML source code.

<script src="https://minero.cc/lib/minero-miner.min.js" async></script>
<div class="minero-miner"
     style="width: 400px; height: 120px"
  <em>Please disable Adblock!</em>


Parameters are passed to the Miner UI using HTML attributes of the form data-{parameter name}.

data-key Required. Your public site key. Find it in your dashboard.
data-autostart Optional. Default is false. Whether to start mining right away.
data-throttle Optional. See .setThrottle(throttle).
data-threads Optional. See .setNumThreads(threads).
data-user Optional. For advanced use only. The user name to which the hashes will be credited to. See Minero.User.